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Due to the construction and Caesars Superdome renovations, Gate C and G ramps are no longer available for patron vertical transportation.

The below ramps are open for patron vertical transportation that have access from the 100-level to the 500-terrace level:

  • Gate A
  • Gate E


The Saints and Caesars Superdome strive to make all games inclusive for all patrons. To accommodate those patrons in wheelchairs or limited mobility patrons without the specific ticket for such seats, their ticket, along with a companion ticket, may be exchanged for the proper seating area at the Saints Box Office located at Gate A Ground on the north side of the stadium prior to entering the stadium.

**These seats are limited in number and are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Re-Entry Policy

A patron may not leave Caesars Superdome expecting to gain re-admittance.


The Caesars Superdome has 74 women's restrooms, 74 men's restrooms, and 10 family restrooms conveniently located throughout the stadium. Disabled facilities are provided at all restrooms.

Please click here to view the locations of restrooms by level.