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A Sitdown with RB Pierre Thomas

    <span style="">                 <span style="">Questions and Answers with Running Back Pierre Thomas</span>                   
            <span style=""></span>: With the signing of Sedrick Ellis, how relieved are you to have all of the players signed and in camp?  

Pierre Thomas: "It feels great to get everybody in camp. It takes everyone coming together, that's the key to building a team. You come together, practice together, and just knowing everyone's strengths and weaknesses. We can build on those things to make our team stronger." You were the first Saints player to have 100 yards rushing and receiving in the same contest, what are some of your goals for this season?

Pierre Thomas: "One of my biggest goals is to maintain. It's important to keep working hard. You have to keep fighting, just as I did last year. I have to come out and prove each and every day that I can help this team. If I get a chance to get the ball on the offensive side, I'm going to do my best to beat that record last year. My mindset is just about getting better each and every day." You led the team with 1,268 all purpose yards last year on kickoff returns, rushing, and receiving. In your mind what do you feel you bring to this team?

Pierre Thomas: "I feel I bring power, speed, and agility just like everyone else. I'm just another piece to help keep the team going. I'm another piece that's in this machine that keeps it going. I have to do my job. I know my role, just as everyone else does." Do you play with a chip on your shoulder, being that you were an undrafted player?

Pierre Thomas: "Always. Being undrafted, you have a lot of weight on your shoulders. Drafted players have a lot more weight on their shoulders. If you're undrafted, no one really knows that much about you. You have to go out there and work hard to show everyone what you can bring to the table. I still have a point to prove each and every day of practice and every game." How do you balance your off-season conditioning along with enjoying your time away from football?

Pierre Thomas: "It's tough. You have a lot of distractions out there, but you have to learn how to control yourself. During the off-season you have to know when to work out and when to have fun. Most of the time, especially after the season, I had to take a big break because of being banged up at the end of the season. I had suffered some pretty banged up ribs that last game, so I had to take some time off to get my body back. I worked a lot this off-season on my speed. I tried to get my weight up, because I was getting banged around last year playing around 200-205 lbs. I thought about this year, and how I wanted to get up to 215-220 pounds, so that when I make contact, I can give something back. I won't take that much pounding that I did last year. My goal for the weight that I would like to be at is around 215-217 pounds. That way I can cut a lot faster and deliver some hits." Are there any hobbies or talents that you have away from football?

Pierre Thomas: "I love playing all kinds of sports. I love bowling, tennis and golf. That's a tough game. I'm working on my golf game right now. I give those guys who play all the time a lot of credit. They make it look so easy, just hitting a little ball, but it's not easy. Most of the time I just like to relax, play some video games, and stay conditioned while having fun playing some other sports but being careful not to take away from getting ready to play football."

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