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2010 Saintsations Auditions A Success

34 make final cut from a group of nearly 300

Saintsation Auditions Largest Group Ever

When the doors opened for Saintsation auditions on April 10th, nearly 300 hopefuls came ready to compete for a spot on the 2010 team. Earlier in the week, several more came to the workshops. Why? To earn a chance to cheer on the sidelines for the Super Bowl Champions, the New Orleans Saints.

"I used to be a Junior Saintsation and I always dreamed of one day becoming a member of the New Orleans Saintsations. I'm here to make my dream come true", future team member Kristen G. said excitedly as she entered the room.

Immediately upon entering the facility, the candidates put their best foot forward as they took part in their first photo shoot. After choreographer Blair Buras led the group through a quick paced routine, the judges were ready to begin the selection process. Within hours, the group had narrowed to 80. By the end of the day approximately 60 girls advanced to the semi-finals.

At the semi-final round, candidates dressed in business attire to meet with New Orleans area business professionals. The girls needed to impress this panel of judges with their intelligence, professionalism, wit and marketing skills. For twenty minutes, the candidates were interviewed by the panel of judges. After the interview, came the football test. Candidates were required to know all NFL teams, their divisions, cities and mascots. Additional questions revolved around Saints history, football fundamentals and of course key plays in the Super Bowl. "We love football. As a team, we get into the game just as much as our fans. We know the ref calls and truly understand the game." states NFL Pro Bowl Cheerleader Amanda T. "If you want to be a cheerleader for this team, you've got to know football through and through." One of the key questions on the test: Give the score for the Super Bowl and detail each point made by name of the player, his number and his position on the team.

The final round of competition brought forth a new panel of judges. They had the arduous task of narrowing the field down to 34. Deliberations went until 11:00pm. "The competition was very tough. Some girls had prepared for four months to audition for a spot on the team. All the girls were in great shape, beautiful, talented and smart. It was a very hard decision," stated one judge.

The 2010 team roster was posted on Friday, April 16th. Their first meeting was held at the Royal Sonesta Hotel, the presenting sponsor for the 2010 Saintsations. General Manager Al Groos was the first to welcome the girls to the team. After their first official photo shoot, the team immediately began preparations for the 2010 season. Until the season starts, team members will be making numerous public appearances, rehearsing, shooting their 2011 Swimsuit calendar and leaving for their team retreat!

Look for the 2010 Saintsations when they make their team debut at the first home game, Saturday August 21 vs the Houston Texans.

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