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10 memorable quotes from Coach Sean Payton's press conference

He spoke to media about love of city, fans, organization

Photos of Sean Payton's end of season press conference. Photos by Ashley Amoss (New Orleans Saints photos)

  1. "I've said this before, and I understand the interest and certainly the skepticism if you will, but this is where I plan on coaching and I don't envision myself ever coaching for any other club."
  1. "Someone said this to me when I moved here in 2006, there is something about this city. You hear that initially, and look there was a lot back then that was uniquely different because of post-Katrina, but there is something unique and different and I can't put my finger on it. I mean I drive through a pot hole every day like you guys do and get upset. When the water is down in a certain parish, I have to come here to shower just like everyone else might ago somewhere else, and yet it grows on you, and it is home."
  1. "One by one that train stops for all of us and Bill (Parcells) said this once, we are better for having ridden than never having been on at all, and so you appreciate it."
  1. "I think the stability and history has told us that stability in programs provides for championships, it provides for success, and yet it doesn't guarantee it."
  1. "This is where I want to be. I mean you're here not because we are here long enough, but we built something and created something. I think in the beginning it was a lot more than football, and maybe that is what separates it, because it wasn't just about wins and losses in 2006."
  1. "I'm proud of how he (Drew Brees) is playing and how he is working. It's easier for me not to look at a number, with regards to age, when you are evaluating someone like that, to really just look at what you are seeing. My hair has gotten a little grayer, and he has lost some of his, but that's about all that has changed."
  1. "I'll say this though, the ownership and the stability at the ownership position is vital to having a chance. It doesn't guarantee success, but in many cases it can guarantee failure. I think there has never been a better time in our league to win. I think there has never been a better time, and I think being one of those functional organizations gives you an opportunity."
  1. Dennis Allen "is someone that I think is definitely an asset for us. I think in all likelihood that that's going to happen. I just haven't had a chance to visit with him."
  1. "The focus for us, immediately, is this upcoming draft, this upcoming offseason, and any of the changes we need to make. I know this, in our conversations that we've had the last two days, it's nice to be coaching guys that represent your organization the way our players do. It fires you up to come to work. That same charge that we took going into the draft last year, in regards to character, toughness, intelligence, and finding the players and having a vision for what they're going to play, I think all of those things kind of hold course and are in place."
  1. "I have said this before but I'm literally within a year of just building a place here. I have a routine. I think I would struggle not living here. I think I would struggle not living here, and not always having a place here. It still bothers me, (when I am) eating at a nice restaurant outside of this city and at the time the entrees come that all five servers don't come at the exact same time with your meal like they do here. There are things that you get attached to. They are kind of what that person told me in '06, where you kind of look at them at first. So no, I think I would have a hard time, struggling with not having a residence here and being here. I know for sure that there is something uniquely different. It's easy to say, but it is probably much more difficult to understand if you haven't lived here a long time."
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