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10 best quotes from New Orleans Saints draft weekend

What our players, executives had to say

  1. "He's a play-maker. The one thing about him that stood out is that he's a tough player both physically and mentally. He has been very consistent, very durable. Obviously, he runs well, but I like his makeup in regards to his mental toughness. His interview was fantastic."

- Saints Coach Sean Payton on first-round pick Brandin Cooks

  1. "Yeah, I think it's pretty obvious, the quality of player Brandin is, on tape. Obviously, when you start talking about the intangibles, the character, the leadership, all those things that come into play, we're relying on the people closest to him at the school for that information. The New Orleans Saints as an organization, I think, have a close relationship with Mike. Any time our scouts go in there, they're receiving great information and an honest picture from their staff, so there wasn't really a lot to investigate in terms of Brandin's character and all the intangibles. They're top notch."
    - Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis on Brandin Cooks and his college coach, Mike Riley
  1. "I just watch football. Obviously, we all know about Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints and that offense. I think you can ask anyone and they'll probably say that they let the ball fly."
    - Saints first-round draft pick Brandin Cooks
  1. "I was aware of it, everyone comparing me to Richard Sherman. I heard all the rumors (and) all the details, I was paying attention to everything that they were saying. I think it had a big part to play in it, but at the end of the day hopefully the Saints took me for the person I am and the skillsets I bring."
    - Saints second-round draft pick Stanley Jean-Baptiste
  1. "I think finding young players, when you draft them it is important to have a vision as to what is your vision for the player and it doesn't always come out that way. But I think it is important to have a vision for how you see the player fitting with your team. Obviously they are going to have to compete for these roles that we envision for them. Nonetheless though you have to kind of see where they all would play, how you see them playing and how you see them making the team if they do the necessary things and they in fact make a spot and earn it."
    - Payton on having a vision for players
  1. "When you watch the six games he played this year he is making all the calls. He is very, very sharp. I would say he is very well respected by that team, a great program."
    - Payton on draft pick Vinnie Sunseri
  1. "All I can do is just compete. I mean the spot's not given to me, I've got to go out there and earn it.  Whatever I've got to do, I'm there.  If I've got to play guard, I'll play guard. Even if I've got to punt the ball, whatever I've got to do to make the team. I've just got to do my job.  Compete, that's what I'm going to do. I want to touch the field, so that's what I want to do."
    - Saints sixth-round draft pick Tavon Rooks
  1. "Oh, my gosh, its been a crazy ride. Today was tough sitting at home, watching TV, and seeing everybody else's name called but yours was really, really tough but you just have to keep your faith with the Lord and that's what I've done. I can't imagine being anywhere else now but the Who Dat nation for a long, long time."
    - Saints fifth-round draft pick Vinnie Sunseri
  1. "I've been waiting for this my whole life. My ultimate goal was to get to the next level.  Football is not just a game to me, it is a lifestyle. Being able to have an opportunity to take the next step, I thought that was the best decision for me. So I made that decision. I feel like God has his plans always. Looking back on the pro day and seeing the whole defensive staff come out; He definitely had his eyes and his plans in the right place for me. I feel like I am going to be a great fit for them. ...  I am a passionate guy when it comes to this game and I like the defensive mind-set that they have in New Orleans. I am just happy to be a New Orleans Saint."
    - Saints fifth-round draft pick Ronald Powell
  1. "I took it all in as a learning experience, life doesn't go as planned. I just took as adversity, just a lesson to me growing up as a man. I picked Penn State, obviously, and it didn't work out for me like I wanted it to so I had to pick a different option. I don't regret it, I thought it was a learning tool for me. It actually helped me a lot, going from a 4-3 defense and learning that in the Big Ten, hard-hitting, and going to the Pac-12, more of a finesse game. I thought that was good."
    - Saints fourth-round pick Khairi Fortt
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