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2024 Saints Cheer Krewe Auditions | New Orleans Saints Cheerleaders |



The New Orleans Saints are thrilled to announce auditions for their 2024 Saints Cheer Krewe. On game day, this multi-talented team can be found in Champions Square, on the field, and in the stands. The Saints Cheer Krewe will engage and energize New Orleans Saints fans on game days and serve as aspirational ambassadors in our community. Whether they are doing live performances, assisting with in-game promotions, or directly engaging with fans, team members play a vital role in creating a Dome Field Advantage on game days. Throughout the year, they bring the spirit of the Saints to the greater New Orleans area through community engagement and corporate appearances.

Specific talents we are seeking for the 2024 season include:

  • Dancers
  • Running & standing tumblers
  • Co-ed stunting (Please note that the starting skill for baseline stunts is a liberty)

Entertainers in all skill sets are expected to collaborate throughout the year to ensure the Saints deliver a cohesive experience to our fans. We are looking for originality and diversity as we cast our team. Entertainers 18 and older are welcome to audition.

Casting Call Schedule:

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Date Location Time
Preliminary Auditions: Cheer Specific Friday, April 19 Ochsner Sports Performance Center 5:30PM
Preliminary Auditions: Dance Specific Saturday, April 20 Ochsner Sports Performance Center 8:30AM
Finalist Training Camp Day 1: Sunday, April 21 Ochsner Sports Performance Center 9:00AM
Finalist Training Camp Day 2: Monday, April 22 Ochsner Sports Performance Center 6:30-10:00PM
Finalist Training Camp Day 3: Tuesday, April 23 Ochsner Sports Performance Center 6:30-10:00PM
Final Auditions: Wednesday, April 24 Ochsner Sports Performance Center 6:00PM


Online registration for auditions will close at 12:00 p.m. CT on Thursday, April 18.

All Saints Cheer Krewe cast members must:

  • Demonstrate a mastery of their talent(s), along with an extensive repertoire
  • Be an engaging speaker with the natural ability to connect with fans of all ages and abilities
  • Exude showmanship with a strong, memorable presence that pulls people in
  • Be open minded and possess a willingness to learn new performance skills
  • Have the athleticism and stamina required to execute the physical demands of the job
  • Maintain a well-groomed appearance that aligns with the Saints brand

When you register, you'll be asked to provide the following information:

  • Background on your education and work experience
  • Which talents you excel in (i.e., dance, tumbling, co-ed stunting)
  • Where & when you honed your talents
  • Your experience with public performing and speaking
  • Recent headshot photo
  • Resume that combines a standard business resume with any dance/cheer/performance experience

Audition attire/appearance:

  • All individuals should dress in solid black athletic wear.
  • Male Dancers: Leggings or joggers with tank top or well-fitting t-shirt (must not reveal midriff)
  • Female Dancers: Leggings with tank top or well-fitting t-shirt (must not reveal midriff)
  • Male Stunters/Tumblers: Polo-style shirt or well-fitting t-shirt tucked into shorts (must not reveal midriff)
  • Female Stunters/Tumblers: Tank top or well-fitting t-shirt tucked into a skort or shorts (must not reveal midriff)
  • Jumpsuits are acceptable for all individuals
  • Please arrive well-groomed and camera-ready as the Saints will film/photograph throughout the audition. No ponytails, top knots, etc.

Other important information:

  • Prospective cast members must be at least 18 years of age on or by the date of preliminary auditions. NO EXCEPTIONS. A copy of a valid photo ID with a valid phone number written on top will be collected at registration.
  • Prospective cast members must have a high school diploma or GED to audition.
  • Prospective cast members must attend all phases of the audition process without exception.
  • Cast members who are ultimately selected for the Saints Cheer Krewe must agree not to discuss or reveal their selection until directed to do so by the Saints organization.
  • All cast members must successfully complete all pre-employment screenings. The Saints organization is a drug-free workplace. Drug test screenings will be conducted for finalists.
  • All Saints Cheer Krewe performances and appearances are subject to NFL rules, as well as health & safety guidelines.
  • The New Orleans Saints reserve the right to alter, change or discontinue entertainment teams at their sole discretion.


What kind of previous experience is required?

You are not required to have any professional training or experience to audition. Performance ability, quality, and technique will be important factors in determining who is selected for the teams. Personality, poise, and public speaking skills will also be important factors.

Is there a minimum skill requirement for co-ed stunting?

All candidates must execute a liberty as a baseline stunt.

Is there a minimum skill requirement for dancers?

Basic dance technique (i.e. double pirouette, grand jeté, battement, etc.) will be evaluated throughout the audition process. All dancers must also demonstrate a proper kip-up and headspring during the final round of auditions.

What is the time commitment?

If selected, you are expected to make a commitment to the team through May 2025. You will be expected to attend practice at least twice a week, typically Tuesday and Thursday evenings, for a minimum of 3 hours per practice. Members must be available to work all Saints home games during pre-season, regular season, and playoffs. You will also be expected to fulfill public appearances and/or performances for the Saints organization, corporate partners, and community events throughout the year.

How are members compensated?

Saints Cheer Krewe members are hired as seasonal, part-time employees of the Saints and are paid an hourly wage for all hours that they are required to perform work duties during their employment with the Saints. Typical duties include attending practices, games, appearances, clinics, photo shoots, and other entertainment events sponsored by the Saints.

What do game days look like?

Our Saints Cheer Krewe plays a vital role in enhancing the overall fan experience and creating Dome Field Advantage for our team. Game day duties may include, but are not limited to: pre-game performances on stage in Champions Square and on the field, in-game performances, greeting and engaging with fans as they arrive at Caesars Superdome, on-field flag unfurls, sideline performances for the entirety of the game, appearing on-camera during game breaks, appearances in suites and other VIP spaces, and autograph/photograph sessions.

Is there an age requirement?

You must be at least 18 years old by the preliminary audition date. A copy of a valid photo ID with a valid phone number written on top will be collected at preliminary registration.

How do I register for auditions?

All candidates must register online by Thursday, April 18 at 12:00 PM CT. Your resume and headshot must be uploaded as part of the registration process.

Is there an audition fee?

There is no fee to audition.

Does my headshot need to be professionally taken?

The headshot is simply used to identify you at auditions, it is not necessary to have a professional photo taken.

Are there any height or weight requirements?

No. There are no height or weight requirements. All applicants must simply fulfill the minimum age requirement.

Are auditions open to the public?

No. Auditions are closed to outside guests, friends, or family.

Can I post photos or videos from the auditions on social media, websites, etc.?

You may post footage of yourself; however, you may not post images or video of other participants without their explicit consent. You also may not post any content that reveals the inner workings of the Saints audition or selection process. The New Orleans Saints reserve the right to photograph and/or film and disseminate/distribute content from the audition.

Do I need to bring a prepared routine to auditions?

You do NOT need to prepare a routine for preliminary auditions. You will be taught routines as part of the audition process. Finalists who are selected to participate in the Finalist Training Camp will receive more details, to make sure you have the information you need to prepare.