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USA Football, the sport's national governing body on youth and amateur levels, today announced its partnership with the Professional Football Players Mothers Association (PFPMA) and the National Football Players Fathers Association (NFPFA). The pros' moms and dads will share their rich "football parent" experiences with today's youth football parents on a regular basis at

The parents' associations are composed of more than five dozen moms and dads of active and retired NFL, AFL and CFL players.

"We've been proud football parents for some time and we're happy to share what we've learned over the years with the moms and dads of youngsters playing the game today," says PFPMA President WILMA McNABB, mother of Philadelphia Eagles five-time all-star quarterback DONOVAN McNABB. "It's exciting for us to be part of the USA Football family and give support to youth players' dedicated moms and dads – they're the backbone of the sport," she adds. The Philadelphia quaterback's father, SAM McNABB, is founder and president of the NFPFA.

It wasn't long ago when the moms and dads of pros were youth football parents, washing uniforms, driving their kids to practice, and taking pictures on game day from the sidelines. Their insight will cover topics such as how they cheered up their pre-teen child after an on-field miscue, managing the college recruiting process as a family, and more.

"We're excited about our new friendships with parents of the pros and we're grateful for their interest in sharing their knowledge," says USA Football Executive Director SCOTT HALLENBECK. "We're all united in a common goal – to ensure that today's kids continue to enjoy playing America's favorite game. Words from the pros' moms and dads are a tremendous resource for the sport's future and parallels football's legacy of teaching."

For more information on all of the different youth programs initiatives proudly supported by the New Orleans Saints, please click here!

About The Professional Football Players Mothers Association
The PFPMA, created in 1997, is an information network for mothers of professional football players to support one another, address specific needs and to assist in their sons' charitable endeavors. The 10-year-old non-profit also provides financial and moral support to charities for at-risk-youth and disadvantaged communities through fundraising and sponsorships. For more information, visit

The National Football Players Fathers Association
Established in 2000, the NFPFA provides guidance and support for members' sons and any professional football player desiring a positive male figure in his life. The non-profit assists members' sons in their professional and personal development, assists them in their charitable endeavors and community involvement, and shows by example the importance of being a strong and loving father. For more, visit

About USA Football
USA Football, based near Washington, D.C., is a non-profit organization providing coaching and officiating education and other resources to youth leagues and high school programs. Former U.S. Congressman and pro football quarterback JACK KEMP is USA Football's chairman. USA Football was endowed by the NFL and NFLPA in 2002. For more information, visit

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