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Troy Hobson named Saints/Chevron Teacher of the Week before Ravens game

By Connor Tarter

Chevron and the Saints will continue to show their commitment to the development and education of our children by recognizing Teacher of the Week Troy Hobson.

Hobson is a Columbus, Ohio native who is in his fifth year of teaching at Greenlawn Terrace Elementary School in Kenner. As their fifth-grade Math and Science teacher, he keeps his students sharp by using a "cold-call quiz" technique in math class and frequently engages his students in hands-on science projects to help them develop a better understanding of the concepts.

Hobson commented on the experience of being recognized by the Saints.

"It's really exciting," Hobson said. "It's recognition for working hard in the classroom, and I've never done anything like this, so it's very fun."

Hobson also insisted that many of the other teachers he works with could have also been recognized, but that he has certain strengths that led to him being recognized.

"I got very lucky with my awards and being honored for this," Hobson said. "There are a number of excellent teachers in my school that are doing similar things to what I'm doing. But what I think what I'm really strong in is my rapport with students and building good relationships and I think it starts with that."

Hobson earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Middle Childhood Education Math and Social Studies from Ohio University along with certificates in Science and English Language Arts.

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