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Transcript: Ryan Ramczyk Conference Call 6-30-21

Ramczyk signs five-year contract extension


New Orleans Saints Tackle Ryan Ramczyk 
Video Call with New Orleans Media
Wednesday, June 30, 2021

I guess the obvious question here, how does it feel just to have this contract extension out of the way?
"It's a huge relief. I'm extremely happy with how everything played out. Just very happy."

First of all, congrats on the new deal and just how long did this process take from start to finish, like when talks really started to ramp up?
"There were talks early into our, the start of our offseason. I don't know exactly how long it was, but kind of so far the whole offseason I guess you'd say."

Can you just reflect a little bit on your journey? It's pretty unique from a smaller college to the University of Wisconsin to be obviously getting drafted by the Saints and now being the highest paid right tackle in football. Can just kind of reflect a little bit on that journey.
"It's definitely been a unique journey. I think about it quite often actually. There's not a lot of guys who kind of go through what I did. I played a little bit right out of high school then took a year off then got back into it at a division three school then went off to D-1, now I'm here. So unique journey, but I think it was necessary for me. I think everything played out obviously, really well. And I wouldn't change a thing looking back at it."

I think the Saints' team account just tweeted that you guys had a kid this offseason too. To get this done and also have that big life change, I mean, what kind of year has this been for you?
"It's just been spectacular, honestly. Yeah, my son Jaxon was born in January. So he's been a blessing and loving every minute with him. And then, obviously, to get this extension done is, pretty fantastic offseason so far."

I'm wondering what the process of going through a contract negotiation is like from the players point of view? Like, were you anxious about it? Did you text your agent a lot wanting to know what was going on? Or do you just kind of let him handle it and put it out of your mind?
"Yeah, I really tried to kind of let him handle it. That's what we pay these guys to do. They've been through it so many times. This is my first time obviously, going through an extension so they know what they're doing. And I really tried to just lean on him to take care of everything really."

What does it mean to you when you hear us say your highest paid right tackle in the NFL?
"Obviously, it's awesome. But at the end of the day, I'm gonna go out and do what I always do and train the way I do and prepare the way I do. So it's cool to see that on social media and stuff, but I'm still me. I'm still going to be the same guy, same work ethic, yeah."

How close were you to actually becoming a welder or some of the other things you were considering earlier on in your life?
"When I was going through that, I would have told you 100%, but it was close because I was taking the classes to go into it. But I took that year off, I just missed the game of football and ultimately, that had more pull on me and I went back to my hometown D-3 school and asked if I could play some football again."

What does it mean to see the team kind of commit so much of the resources to the offensive line?
"Yeah, I think it means a lot. Obviously, the offensive line is very important position and like you said, they dedicated a lot of resources to the offensive line. So it means a lot and we as a group take it very seriously and we go out and put everything we got into this game. And I think we have a really solid group of guys here and definitely looking forward to this season."

You're the kind of the guy that doesn't like attention, but how do you handle attention like this and do you appreciate it when people recognize these things?
"It's different, like you said, I'm not the guy that loves the attention and all that, but I do appreciate it. Definitely appreciate it. But yeah, like, I'm not a guy who's gonna be like, Hey, can I have an interview? But yeah, I appreciate everyone reaching out and saying their congrats and all that, but yeah, I'm definitely not a media guy."

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