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Pool report from NFL senior vice president of officiating Al Riveron

On controversial play at end of first half clock should have been reset to 41 seconds

Conducted by Larry Holder, The Athletic

Larry Holder: Can we get clarification of what happened at the end of the first half following a Drew Brees completion to Michael Thomas?

Al Riveron: The play ended at 41 seconds when we ruled him down. Then we stopped the game for a replay review. After we did our administrative duties, we should have reset the clock to 41 seconds because that's when we blew the play dead. At that time, we should have gone to Coach Payton and asked him if he wanted to take a timeout in lieu of a 10-second runoff. Instead of setting the clock to 41, we inadvertently set it to 26 and then had a 10-second runoff because he did not want to take the timeout. Again, we should have reset it to 41, not 26, and then ultimately to 31 after the 10-second runoff.

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