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New Orleans Saints announce partnership with Brother's Food Mart to help better serve the New Orleans community


The New Orleans Saints are proud to announce their partnership with Brother's Food Mart and Mountain Express Oil Company Co-CEOs Turjo Wadud and Lamar Frady. This partnership is community-centric and is focused on making a lasting impact in the community, while familiarizing the Brother's brand with the enthusiastic New Orleans Saints fanbase.

Brother's Food Mart, a New Orleans-based brand, is the largest c-store chain in the city and is currently expanding its operations across the southern markets since Mountain Express Oil Company acquired Brother's Food Mart in 2021.

"Pick your partners first and business later," said Turjo Wadud, Mountain Express Oil Company Co-CEO.

In addition to making a lasting impact on the community, the goal of this partnership is to expand the Brother's brand amongst the Saints fanbase, which includes numerous zip codes crossing many state lines. The plan includes adding up to 100 additional Brother's sites in the next six months. More information on community initiatives will be provided in the coming weeks.

"The New Orleans Saints are thrilled to partner with Brother's Food Mart in an effort to better serve our community," said Gayle Benson, New Orleans Saints owner and Pelicans governor. "Brother's has certainly made its mark in the New Orleans area as a standout store amongst its competition, and we are excited to strive together to enhance the quality of our community."

"It's only fitting that a legacy like Brother's is a partner with the greatest fanbase in the NFL like the New Orleans Saints," said Lamar Frady, Mountain Express Oil Company Co-CEO.

About Brother's Food Mart
Brother's Food Mart was founded in 1989. The company is well-known for its fresh fried chicken, which has been touted by celebrities including Kevin Hart and Seth Rogen as memorable and a favorite. Although the recipe is a secret, Brother's Chicken is wildly popular in New Orleans with locals and visitors alike.

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