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John Harbaugh, Ravens players on Thursday night's win over Saints

Post-game quotes from John Harbaugh and Ravens players after the preseason game on Thursday, August 28, 2014


"I really appreciate you guys being here tonight. It was a good football game. It was a hard-fought game. I told our guys that I'm proud of the fact that they won the game. I'm even more proud about the way that they played. Those guys got after it. They played hard. And they played well. We played with a lot of discipline. We played with a lot of heart. Those guys made some plays. We're going to have some tough, tough decisions to make to put this football team together. I'm proud of them. We're ready to get back and start getting ready for Cincinnati."

(on the play of Deonte Thompson) "Deonte has played so well. ...He has done the same thing in practice. It just says so much about where he is at as a football player."

(on the play of the wide receivers) "Deonte played really well. (Michael) Camponaro played really well. Kamar Aiken played really well. Jeremy Butler played really well. They were four for four. That's what you saw."

(on watching players fight for a spot on the team) "The thing about this game that is so great and the thing that I love about these four preseason games is that guys work so hard. These are a bunch of guys that are going to play in the NFL for a long time. The object is to see those guys play in games and chase their dreams. To see them chase it the way they did tonight, man, that's just (great to watch)."

(on the running attack and offensive line play) "We rushed for a bunch of yards. I don't know, maybe both of them (Fitzgerald Toussaint and Lorenzo Taliaferro) were over a hundred (yards), I don't even know. They were up there. Both of those guys run downhill. Our offensive line was absolutely dominant for tonight's game. They got after it. The pass protection was excellent, too. It is good to see those young linemen play so well."

(on John Simon and the defensive pressure) "John Simon played really well. John got the sack at the end. He was really getting a lot of heat on the quarterback. We had a bunch of quarterback hits again. We've got a lot of pressure on the quarterback the whole preseason. That's what is really good. I think they (Saints) ran 43 plays. Is that right? It's a Saints offense. I know it's not the starters and it's not Drew Brees, but that is a Saints offense out there and our guys did a good job against them."

(on the NFL statement against domestic violence) "We respect the decision that the Commissioner has made in the past. We said that we respect his decisions throughout this whole thing. We will respect his decisions going forward in the future."


"I thought we played great as we moved the ball well for most of the game. The (offensive) line gave me time to throw and we gained a lot of yards. Now we need to go back and learn from this game, even though it was a preseason game. That is the only way we as a team will prepare and get better before we open the season against Cincinnati."


"I looked at this game like I did other times when I started playing football in high school and in college and even though I am a rookie I have looked at this entire training camp as an opportunity to play in the NFL. Tonight we rushed the ball well and now we have to get ready and play for real."

"I can't control if I am going to make the (final) roster and even if I do, only the coaches know how much playing time I'll get. That's out of my hands now. But for the last few months we've all worked hard as a team to get ready the best way we can for the regular season."


"Even though I didn't play a lot I thought that as a unit we stopped their offense which as everyone knows is high-scoring. Then that helped get the defense off the field to give the offense a chance to do what we know they can do."


"We all knew it was the final preseason game and when you look at it some might think it was not important. But it was a football game and for us we took it very seriously. I mean it's the final chance a lot of guys out there can give the coaches a way to look at how they perform on the field, to make the final roster."


"The timing we had on offense was great. I mean Tyrod (Taylor) did a great job in the huddle in leading us and scoring a few times. Now it's on to the regular season for all of us."

"There's no way I can say if I am going to make the team. All of us went into training camp knowing the final decisions would come. Now all we can do is wait and see."

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