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Get to Know 2013 New Orleans Saintsation Heidi

Video bio, photos and Q&A with 2013 New Orleans Saintsation Heidi

First name: Heidi

Age: 25

Hometown: Lake Charles, La.

High school: A.M. Barbe High School

University: Louisiana State University

Degree: Kinesiology – Human Movement Science

Career goal: To advance into a higher management position in the pharmaceutical sales field.


Color: Purple

Song: "In My Life" by the Beatles

Book: "Redeeming Love" by Francine Rivers

Word: Defenestrate

Food: Old fashioned oatmeal

Movie: "Now and Then"

TV show: "The Office"

Pastime: Running

Lifetime goal: To be the successful mother and wife of a big family.

Best habit: I won't order an unhealthy meal, but I'll take a bite off of someone else's plate.

Worst habit: Laughing before the punch line.

Best experience of being a New Orleans Saintsation so far: The first game back in the Dome after winning the Super Bowl. I have never heard the fans that loud since (and the Dome can get pretty loud).

Best thing about being a Saintsation: Interacting with our fans at public appearances.

Advice for younger girls: Look for something positive in every situation.

Trait you admire most in other people: Honesty

What is your most outstanding attribute: Compassion

Other than your family, who is a positive role model in your life: The late Sade May Mallard; for always being true to herself and a lifetime of giving.

If you had the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why: Germany; so I could learn more about my family history and see where my grandparents grew up.

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