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Carmichael's Mini-Camp Press Conference

Carmichael sees progress in young Saints receivers


New Orleans Saints Offensive Coordinator Pete Carmichael
Media Availability
Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Can you talk about what you have seen from Nick Toon so far?

"I think obviously any young guy coming into this offense has a lot to learn and the nice thing about this part of mini-camp for the rookies is this is the third time they are here in the install. They are here at the rookie minicamp, they are here at the beginning of OTAs, and then we start back over for minicamp. I thought as the OTAs moved on a little bit, the stuff is starting to catch up to them but you would say he's got it down now. I'm still impressed with his hands and he runs good routes, so we are excited about him."

Can you talk about his one-handed catch in the endzone during a practice?

"He's got great hands, focus and concentration."

How has Marques Colston looked so far?

"He's a true professional. He's been in the system quite a few years so he knows what we are trying to accomplish. He is special for us, he really is."

Is he in mid-season form yet?

"I don't know. We still have training camp coming up so he will be by the season."

With the CBA affecting what you guys can and can't do more than ever, what has changed as far as evaluating?

"I would say that it is probably more upfront. It's more about technique right now, learning the system for those guys and making sure they are doing it they way that we are coaching it. Obviously, there is no bull rush or anything like that happening. The run game is hard to evaluate that because they are taking two steps and letting the defense go. We'll wait until training camp when the pads are on to see those guys. It even affects the tight ends. We brought in Jacob (Byrne) as a blocking tight end so it's hard for him to show us what he can do until we get to training camp."

It seems like there won't be many padded practices at training camp either, do you expect challenges in the evaluation process?

"You'll get to see them in the game. We're going to have enough practices."

Are you filling Robert Meachem's role in a sense?

"When you go back and look at it, Devery Henderson and Robert Meachem both filled a similar role. I've been pleased with Joe Morgan. He's shown the speed, so he is someone that can step in there and do that."

Are Joe Morgan, Nick Toon, and Adrian Arrington competing for a roster spot?

"The best five, six guys (make the team), maybe a guy on the practice squad a year or two down the road is going to help us.

Does Adrian Arrington get any credit in the bank with the coaching staff for going into his fifth season being here?

"Absolutely, he is a sharp guy. He can play any position. You can put him at X, Z or F, and he's got great hands. He's another guy, come training camp (who) is going to have a chance too."

Does he get an edge over these other guys?

"Yeah, that's always been our philosophy. The guys that have been here start ahead and then they compete (with everyone) and (you) see what happens."

Has it been challenging for you to have Chase Daniel here taking the majority of the reps for the offense?

"No, absolutely not. In an ideal world Drew Brees is here but he's not so it's been a great opportunity for Chase. The meetings have been great. He is real attentive to what is going on. It's been a great opportunity for him and for us to evaluate him."

Timing wise, can you get everything done that you need to with other positions?

"Yes, I think we are still getting everything done that we need to get done. I think that."

How has Jahri Evans look to you coming back from his knee scope?

"He's been fine. Again, for those guys (linemen) they are just taking a step or two up front. He's not having to plant on it or anything like that."

What is your opinion on Chase Daniel being so aggressive this early on?

"He's competitive. Those things happen. He was over it right after it happened so we've moved on."

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