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Adjustment Made to Replay Rules for Postseason

    <span>              <span style="text-decoration: underline;">ADJUSTMENT TO INSTANT REPLAY RULES FOR POSTSEASON</span>                

Commissioner ROGER GOODELL has notified the NFL clubs of an adjustment to the Instant Replay procedures that will be in effect for all 2009 postseason games.

Time remaining on the game clock will be reviewable, but will be limited to situations in which time is deemed to have expired or not expired prior to, during or after the last play of the first or second half, or of an overtime period.

Time will be put back on or removed from the Game Clock if there has been an error in the operation of the game clock prior to, during or after the last play.

At the conclusion of the first half, time will not be restored if the additional play would be a kickoff, but would be restored if a timing error takes away a significant opportunity for the offensive team to score.

At the conclusion of the second half or an overtime period, time will be restored to the game clock if:

(a) It is a one-score game (eight points or less); and

(b) The additional play would be a kickoff by either team or a snap from scrimmage
by the team that is behind in the score. The game would not be extended to create an additional play by the team that is ahead.

Such a review will be initiated by the replay assistant in the booth. The official time on the game clock will be superimposed by the televising network on the video replay that is reviewed by the referee.

This adjustment will be in effect only through the conclusion of the 2009 postseason. It will be reviewed by the Competition Committee for a recommendation to the clubs at the 2010 NFL Meeting in March.

Previously, this situation was not reviewable under the replay rules.

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