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Aaron Kromer Discusses Defense, Playing in Primetime

Offensive Line/Running Game Coach Aaron Kromer met with the media following practice on Thursday to discuss the defense's pass rush and playing in primetime on Sunday night


New Orleans Saints Offensive Line/Running Game Coach Aaron Kromer

Post-Practice Media Availability

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Opening Statement/Injury Report:"At practice today, we had Turk McBride, (who) did not practice. David Hawthorne did not practice. Lance Moore did not practice. Travaris Cadet did not practice. Brodrick Bunkley was ill, did not practice. Jonathan Casillas was limited and Roman Harper was limited. That was it for practice."

Earlier in the year, you said the most improved aspect of the team was the pass rush. Why hasn't that translated to the field?

"A lot of times with pass rush, it comes (to) when you're up in a game and the offense is trying to catch up. That's when the guys can pin their ears back and really get a great rush. Obviously, with third down, we have to do a better job of rushing. That's when you see a lot of the numbers. We're improving and we have to keep working on it."

Are you seeing a quality pass rush from the guys in practice?


How difficult to replace Lance Moore if he can't play?

"It's a case where guys have to step up and we have to adjust (to) what we're doing and fill guys in where we can. It's hard to replace Lance Moore."

Along the defensive line, is their first role to make it upfield or to read the offensive line?

"You're talking different down and distances, different quarterbacks and different styles of quarterback. Does he run? Does he not run? Do we need to keep him in the pocket so he doesn't break out of here and take off running or do we feel like we can get to him and he's not a threat to run? There's a lot different factors when it comes to pass rush. We're working on our four-man rush and changing that up. Sometimes we want to really hold him in the pocket and sometimes we want to get to him. We have not been getting to him enough and we're working on it."

Is the pass rush the biggest problem with the defense right now?

"It's one of the problems. We need to stop the run better and pass rush."

Has the effort been there the way you wanted?

"Definitely. These guys are working. They're working on it hard. They're getting the system, they're learning the system. Obviously, you can see the improvement as it goes. It didn't show up in sacks or pressure last week but it will."

Not to simplify it too much, is it less about learning the system for a pass rusher than another position such as linebacker?

"That's definitely simplifying it too much. They do have responsibility in their gap, rush lane or the stunts in certain lanes. It's a lot more complicated than just going to beat the guy over you."

How challenging is it when guys are hurt and you are trying to plug in with players from another position?

"When you look at our year, the first four games, that has happened in a lot of positions. It has happened all over the field. When you are in a professional sport, you're only keeping guys that you feel like can play and win for you and the other guys have to step up."

Have you seen the same growth from year one to year two in Mark Ingram that you've seen in Cameron Jordan?

"Yes. The difference between him and Cam (Jordan) would be that Mark was hurt and didn't get to have an offseason. His offseason was rehabbing and his preseason was mostly rehabbing. His growth is a little slower due to that."

Why do you think that players in this organization always seem to get up for primetime games, especially at home?

"In general, I think professional athletes get up for games like this. When you can have a game at home in front of your crowd and as primetime, a crowd like we have, it really helps you in the wins and losses column."

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