Keep Louisiana Beautiful and the New Orleans Saints are launching a campaign to reduce single-use plastic bottles and cups. The plastic reduction program focused on reducing plastics waste in Fall 2018 at high school football team practices and games. We request that High School Athletic Directors and Coaches encourage players, trainers and staff to pledge to reduce and measure the reduction of single-use plastics and those pledging to participates will receive reusable sports bottles co-brand with the New Orleans Saints and Keep Louisiana Beautiful logos. Plastic debris in the environment is widely reported daily and we can make a difference in Louisiana.

To initiate a successful reuse campaign reaching schools, students, coaches and trainers in the Fall of 2018.

The negative impact on Sportsman's Paradise because of plastic in its scenic rivers and lakes and impact on hunting and fishing opportunities makes plastic reduction a higher priority. Transitioning away from single-use plastic bottles and cups is pledging to reduce the amount of garbage that ends up in landfills, waterways and ecosystems. The simple act of using a reusable bottle can make a significant reduction in plastic consumption and potential for reducing litter.

Love the Boot Episode 1: Fishing

Join us as we show some of the best fishing that Louisiana has to offer. As ambassadors to our great state, the New Orleans Saints want to keep Louisiana Beautiful! Watch the premiere episode of our series highlighting the best of Louisiana outdoors and how we can do our part to strengthen the state’s long-term health.