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2020 Season Update

The health and safety of our Junior Saintsations and fans remain our top priority, and guidelines set forth by the NFL also mandate that no fans are permitted to have access to the field during the 2020 season, so we will not be having Junior Saintsations performances at any games this season.

We will miss having our Junior Saintsations on the field this year, but we can't wait to perform with them next season!


Does my child need a ticket to the game in order to perform? Your registration fee does NOT include a game ticket. Your child does not need a ticket in order to participate, but a ticket will be required for any child over 5 who intends to stay for the remainder of the game. Children 5 and under do not need a ticket if you intend for them to sit in a lap. Children without a ticket can be returned to the check-in area outside of the dome to check-out with a guardian after the performance.

Do I need a ticket in order to watch my child perform? In order to enter the building you must have a game ticket. The field and entertainer holding areas are secure and reserved for participants only. You're view of the halftime show will be based on the seats that you have in the stadium. We will take great care of your child and we'll provide you with performance videos to make sure you have a great keepsake of our halftime show. If you don't have a game ticket we can return your child to you outside the dome where you dropped him/her off following their performance.

Where can I purchase tickets? We suggest using the link below:

What should my child wear to rehearsals? Your child is free to wear Saints branded gear if he/she has any. If not, sticking to Saints colors (black, white, gold) is best to help us visualize the show more effectively. Clothes should be comfortable and easy for them to move in.

What will participants wear to perform? Actual performance uniforms are pictured above. Girls will receive a custom dress with detachable belt, black trunks, and poms. Boys who participate will wear a custom uniform shirt, black branded joggers, and a rally towel. All performers should wear their own sneakers/shoes that preferably match our Saints colors.

When does the performance take place? Participants are part of our halftime show so stay in your seats at the end of the 2nd quarter! The show will mostly be focused to the Saints bench side, but it's our goal to entertain the whole dome.

Will snacks be provided? The majority of rehearsal time will be spent working on halftime show material, but we'll ensure that your child also gets adequate water breaks and time to bond with the Saintsations/mascots. Snacks will be provided before they perform on game day.