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Ticket Use Ideas
Our Business is Good for your Business!
Saints Tickets Can Help Increase Your Bottom Line


Saints season tickets not only provide you access to the fast and exhilarating game of NFL football, but they also are a tool used by businesses to increase their bottom line and improve employee relations.


Consider these ways Saints tickets can serve your business:

Sales Department
  • Entertain a potential client at a game. Plato once said, "You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than a year of conversation."
  • Thank a client who just signed on to your business by giving them tickets to a game
  • Recognize a client's anniversary with your company and thank them for their business with tickets to a game
  • Help repair damage to a client by a mistake on your part by offering tickets
  • Use tickets as part of your sales incentive program, offering free tickets to
    • The one who makes the most monthly sales
    • The one who makes the most sales calls
    • The one who retains the most business each fiscal year

Human Resources Department
  • Help sell a prospective employee on New Orleans and your business by taking him or her to a game
  • Welcome a new employee on his or her first day with tickets to a game
  • Throw in some tickets as part of a retirement celebration
  • Honor an employee on his or her birthday by giving them tickets to a game. And, for a small fee, surprise the employee with a Happy Birthday scoreboard message!
  • Include tickets in a raffle at the company's holiday party or a summer picnic
  • Thank your hard-working but non-paid interns at the end of a semester
  • Reward temporary employees for a job well-done
  • Offer tickets as a thank you to the clean-up crew

Business Development
  • Use the tickets as part of a downtown planning retreat for managers
  • Establish a referral program with the persons and businesses you work with by offering free tickets if they refer your business to someone else
  • Establish a reward program for employees who suggest a cost-saving idea and offer them tickets
  • Reward employees with tickets if they bring a potential client to your sales staff
  • Take an existing client to a game and try to encourage them to increase their business with you

Marketing Department
  • With our help, use your tickets for a drawing, attracting potential customers to your place of business or to your website
  • Offer free tickets to people to entice them to participate in a focus group

Customer Service Department
  • Soften the ire of a customer who was wronged by surprising them with free Saints tickets
  • Reward an employee who patiently diffused the anger of a customer
  • Reward an employee who went over and above to help solve a customer's problem
  • Say thank you to a customer who offers a good suggestion for your business

Accounting Department
  • Reward someone who constantly pays their bills on time
  • Give your accounting department a break after long hours at year-end or month-end
  • Reward the employee who finds the missing item that makes the report balance
  • Hold a post-audit day at the Saints game for your auditors
  • Encourage employees to fill-out expense sheets correctly by holding a drawing for Saints tickets for those employees that do so

Information Systems
  • Give your IS team a day out at the Saints game after they spend two straight days and nights rebuilding the server after a crash
  • Offer free tickets to the person outside the company that provides free help on a hardware or software problem
  • Say thank you to a vendor who rushes that new software upgrade order for you

  • Offer your unused tickets to charity through the Saints so that others who are not able to go to games can enjoy the Saints' experience. And remember, you'll receive tax credit on these donations.
  • Use tickets as a pick-me-up to the salesperson having a bad week
  • Use tickets as a thank you to assistants and other behind-the-scenes people who helped you complete and present a proposal