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Drew Brees, Jonathan Vilma postgame quotes

Posted Nov 3, 2013

See what QB Drew Brees and LB Jonathan Vilma had to say about the 26-20 loss to the New York Jets

New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees

On penalties taking the Saints’ offense out of rhythm…

The penalties hurt certainly. I think we had nine penalties today. (I) just felt like they came at some pretty inopportune times. Offensively, we were trying to get something going and it just put us into some tough second and third down situations, especially there at the end. So, I look to that. I look to the start of the game. We had to use a timeout early, the delay of game, the lack of tempo and rhythm. It just took a little while. (I give the) credit to them. They played very, very well, both sides of the ball, but certainly defensively, and (I’ve) got to give them credit.

On the reverse play on fourth and one…

That’s something we talked about for the last three days, wanting to call that and run it in a critical situation and felt like that was just the right time to do it. It’s fourth and (short), so everybody (is) kind of selling out for the interior run, and then here we run this reverse for a big play. (It is) unfortunate that it didn’t work. It’s kind of one of those play that’s all or nothing.

On losing Darren Sproles early in the game to an injury…

That’s tough, because obviously he’s a big part of the game plan. So, for his first play out there for that to happen, that was a tough loss, but I felt like the other running backs stepped up and did a great job in his absence.

On the success the Saints had throwing down the field early and the adjustments made by the Jets’ defense…

I still think we had more opportunities. They did a good job of getting some pressure at times just to make it to where the ball had to come out a little bit sooner than we’d like. Some of those are longer-developing plays, and it takes a while. But we were able to hit on a couple of big ones.

On whether he felt the team was establishing the tempo after leading 14-6 early in the game…

Yeah. We felt good at that point. We felt like we had hit on some big plays. We had put together some big drives. We came here talking about having those opportunities for big plays, but also being very efficient with the run game and intermediate passing game. Overall, (there were) times where we may have shot ourselves in the foot a little. Like I said, credit to them. They get pressure or kind of get us off rhythm and we weren’t able to convert or we’d get penalties and we’d get into some third-and-long situations. I think it might have been our worst third-down output of the season, which (is) uncharacteristic for us. So, (there are) definitely some areas to improve.

On whether the Saints beat themselves…

Well, they played very well. But you walk out of this game and say, “These penalties hurt us, certainly.” We felt like opportunities were there and yet we just were not able to take advantage of them for one reason or another. (Whether the) timing (was) off or whatever you want to call it.

On whether he puts the onus on himself for the two interceptions or if he considers them a result of the situation…

Well, certainly when you pass a ball that can happen. The first one I threw behind Ben Watson and so, that’s on me. I’ve got to give him a better ball. Now, of all the things that can happen, (it could’ve been) batted down, instead it gets batted up and then they make a play. The second one, it’s a timing-type route and the receiver is coming out of it and unfortunately, I think he had been tugged a bit, so he’s just a little bit not quite as ready for the ball as maybe he usually would, and so it gets deflected up in the air and (Antonio) Cromartie makes a nice play on the sideline to get his feet in and get that (interception). That was the real critical one in my opinion, because I felt like we were on our way to go down in a two-minute situation and hopefully get a field goal or more, and instead, that flips around and they go down and get a touchdown. So, certainly it was a seven-point swing and maybe it’s a 10 or 14-point swing, which going into halftime with momentum and looking at the way the game ended, that was a huge play.

On whether this game shows that there are areas they need to improve…

Well, yeah, the penalties. We had eight last week and nine this week. That’s far too many. We’ve come on the road here twice, two hard fought games against two football teams, New England and the Jets. Unfortunately, come down to the fourth quarter and we just haven’t been able to get the win. So, we know there’s going to be more of these in the future and just to make sure we right this ship in regards to how you come on the road out here and get those W’s.

On pre-snap penalties…

That’s upsetting, because for me as a quarterback, (in) a lot of cases I’m the one who’s dictating the tempo and establishing that kind of stuff. Any time you’re on the road you’re dealing with crowd noise and snap count and all that stuff. There are certain adjustments that are being made at the line of scrimmage and you’re trying to get all that done in the amount of time (that you have). We can all help ourselves. It’s just the process of the play call coming in, me communicating it. We get up to the line, all on the same page, we get the ball snapped and you’re rolling. Unfortunately, we had a couple of times where we were pressed for time for whatever reason and we just need to make sure that we’re getting that fixed.

New Orleans Saints LB Jonathan Vilma

On the loss...

I don't want to take away from the Jets.  They did a very good job and deserved to win the game.  We did have some errors on our part.  We had some mental mistakes with gap fits and things like that.  It wasn't necessarily missing tackles. Chris Ivory would get the ball and have nine or ten yards before anybody touched him.  Again, hats off to them, but we have to get better.

On how he feels physically...

I wish we could have won the game.  I wish I could have made more plays to help the team. Outside of that I feel good.  I think tomorrow will be a good test, and then coming back Wednesday for practice will be a good test to see how the knee feels.

On giving up big plays...

When you look at a team and say "This is how they win their games: good running game, the quarterback being efficient and they play good defense" you try to make them play left handed.  We didn't do that today. Ivory had a very good game, Geno Smith was efficient and made plays when he needed to, and their defense was lights out.

On playing against the Jets...

It's a different coaching staff, and I think I know three or four players from when I was there. It was a little more personal when I played against them in '09.  Now it's just another game.

New Orleans Saints